Cooking the Best Beignets

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Cooking the Best Beignets

Beignets, you love them and so do we! While you may be used to the traditional sweet dough beignet, we have a fun savory spin for mixing up your in-home cooking! This is a relatively simple dish when you get down to it, but the result will have your taste buds screaming for more! Serve these to your dinner guests and they’ll be back every night. Here are some tips from the chef on making the best savory beignets in St. Louis!
While a traditional beignet comprises yeast dough, with set rising time, here is a quick way to present a savory beignet.

Take whatever filling you’d like to use. We use a crab seafood mixture with spices. “Using mascarpone cheese to hold it together is a great idea,” says Executive Chef Ryan Buettner. “It allows the beignet to keep it shape.”

How to make the best savory beignets:

First, roll the mixture in seasoned flour; any kind will do as long as it complements your flavors. This allows the tempura batter to stick. Then dip the mixture into a temper battering and deep-fried.

We use a spicy crab mixture with mascarpone cheese to make our beignets, but there are a variety of options you could use to fill your savory beignet. Even using a vegetable, like zucchini or broccoli, in a tempura batter gives a great result. With those, the tempura batter should stick directly to the vegetable and you won’t need to use seasoned flour in between.

If you’re looking to stick with seafood in your beignet, shrimp or crawfish make a great substitute. But there’s always ham and cheddar for a decidedly American twist.

The trick is to really make sure that the mixture you want to use inside of your beignets is holding together nicely. “You don’t want the inside mixture falling out when you go to fry it,” says Chef Buettner.

Take your beignets up a notch by serving them with an appropriate dipping sauce such an aioli or roux.

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