About Us

Proprietors Paul and Wendy Hamilton’s trip to the Provence region of France in 2004 was more than a time to relax and enjoy a well-deserved break. They were looking at bringing the warm and inviting local tradition of food and wine back to St. Louis to create their next restaurant.

So began the adventure that culminated with opening of Vin de Set in the summer of 2006 at the restored Centennial Malt House at 2017 Chouteau Avenue. Keeping with the theme of restaurant names, Vin de Set is the phonetic spelling of the French number “vingt dix-sept”, 2017 the address.

As was the case with Eleven Eleven Mississippi, which brought together the experience of Northern California and the Tuscan region of Italy, Vin de Set puts a decidedly American twist on a French bistro in a way that is both comfortable and inviting. The menu is “an approachable interpretation of southern French cuisine.” “Our dishes are simple and straightforward concentrating on the influences of Provence and determined by the seasons.”

Stunning original and unique architecture features like high ceilings, grand arched windows, an open air elevated loft overlooking the bar, skylight cathedral ceiling and French doors adds to the unique dining experience.

We look forward to entertaining you, your friends and your family at Vin de Set Rooftop Bar and Bistro.